Event Planning

Event planning is the big umbrella that encompasses everything that has to do with the organisation of special occasions. Think of the event planner as the project manager.
Much like the project manager, the event planner oversees the entire event. The event planner takes the guesswork out of the process. Their work consists mostly of planning and coordinating every aspect of the event, from guests to food and beverages, staff, security, and entertainment. They may also decorate the venue according to the client’s requirements and are in charge of setting up all the necessary technological equipment
The event planning duties begin by meeting with the potential client to discuss the event, their goals and ideas, the date and time they want to hold the event, their budget and how much they want the planner to be involved. From there, the event planner contacts vendors and venues for pricing and puts together an estimation of the vendors’ services costs, and the total cost estimation. On the day of the event, the event planner arrives early to check on all the details and to solve any problems may occure before the event begins.


Event Coordination

Once the planner has determined the vision for the event, the coordinator assists the planner in making that a reality. An event coordinator does not get involved with the design of the event itself.
The event coordinator usually begins by helping you prepare a month before the event and functions as the point person on the wedding day.
In general, an event coordinator puts together events, confirms vendor contracts, creates a day-of timeline and tackles anything from client meetings to cleanup. Duties on the day of the event include overseeing support staff, including florists, caterers, DJs etc.
A coordinator makes sure that everything you have done up until he takes over is in good shape. Everything is in order, nothing is forgotten, and you are free to enjoy your event day!


Event Stylist

The event stylist is the creative part of the event-planning machine. It is the art/skill that relates to decorating an event.
An event stylist is the person in charge of the visual identity of an occasion. As a stylist, we take our client’s vision for the event and bring it to fruition.
We are mainly concerned with the aesthetics, artistics and overall appearance of the event. An event stylist is described to be a specialist in design, consulting on everything from floor plans and lighting design to the flowers, furniture, linens and attire.
Our design decisions create the mood that guests will experience upon entering the venue.



Personal Event Websites
Personal Event Websites can serve as a save the date, wedding information portal (registry information, dress code, directions and more), and place to share photos and videos.
Create it at least 6 months before the wedding, if you want it to be really useful to you. The perfect time to create your wedding website is between 6 and 9 months from the date of your event. This gives you time to add mailing lists, organize RSVPs and more.

Using an event answering service helps your event day stay stress-free and organized. Armed with your guest list, we can keep track of your RSVPs and make outbound calls to personally remind any invitees that have not yet responded before the final count is due to the venue and caterer. To accomplish this, we provide the following services:

  • 1. We assign a mobile number just for your event
  • 2. Communicate with your guests via calls to make sure if they will attend your event
  • 3. Reply on any calls received
  • 4. Inform guests about venue location & their sitting arrangement
  • 5. Thank your guests through an SMS the day after your event

You can rest easy knowing that we are taking care of every detail, and focus on what’s really important.

Event Graphic Design
One of the best feelings in the world is being invited to a party or event. That’s why we make it special for your guests and you! Setting the scene of your party or event relies on sending the right invitation. After all, it is the very first glimpse of your event for your guests.
Any event, whether it’s a workshop, course or press day, can benefit from quality branding. Together we can create an actual one of the kind brand identity to set clear guidelines for your event, and design an event stationery kit that will make your event extremely memorable!