New website launch

As we are getting closer to the new wedding season, “kanella mavri zachari” is starting to reveal its new face. It’s a whole new era for all of us here and we are really excited for this new wonderful beginning. Antigoni managed to create a powerful bonded team, and I am really glad she wanted me as a part of it.

One of the new achievements we are very proud of is the launch of our new website (yes this one right here)! It was designed by the whole team, having a touch of everybody’s taste, always following the minimal lines that we –here at kanella- adore.  And we love the final result!

We must admit that a big part of its excellence is based on the wonderful wedding photos and the magical christening albums that the lovely couples (or parents) and the talented photographers allowed us to use.

Speaking from the web designer point of view, this site is responsive (please go ahead and view it from all your different devices) and user friendly trying to maximize your navigation experience. I, as the designer, listened to everybody about what they wanted to express and feel through this site and adjusted the design around all those different opinions, bonding them all together to this lovely outcome. I kept though all the modern and new design guidelines that web designers shall use nowadays. Also I optimized the website for SEO purposes.

I am really glad the team loved the idea about having this blog as a part of the website, and you are soon going to read posts from everybody here.

– The web designer & developer –


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