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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


We all dream of travelling. To near and faraway places, its the longing for new experiences and the romance of all it. 

Our team is very creative, and we love coming up with new and exciting ideas. One of our favourite things to do is to brainstorm for hours on end, and usually into the early hours of the morning. 

This particular idea was our founder’s life long dream, just tweaked a little!

Antigoni has always dreamt of owning a little moving flower truck. Those who know her know she’s a people person, she would much rather drive around a truck filled to the brim with flowers and putting smiles on people’s faces, instead of sat behind her computer. Her little day dream was to set up shop in various neighborhoods and sell flowers on the daily. Here one day, there the next. 

Our specialty is events, so we sat down and we said – how can we combine this flowery, almost hippy, dream with events? 

We came up with ‘The Flower Market’. The process of naming it was filled with long nights and uncontrollable laughter. We decided on the most simple name of all, straight to the point. 

 Materialising the cart was a far more serious business, but we made it happen!

The concept of it? Its a market stall, on wheels, that sells flowers. The front can be customised with any design, the top can be decorated – the sky is the limit. And there’s even a fold out work station for prep-work!

It is available for rent on its own, with flowers or if you let us get creative, as an entire concept. It can be a decoration element, or it can be a functional flower market.

The idea was a long running one, and an opportunity arose to make it a reality. The first ever event we took it to was a Christmas Market.

The perfect opportunity arose when we started planning the Magical Christmas Park at Aglantzia (that’s a whole other story). And we thought, what a better time of year to test out The Flower Market and get a chance to fill every house with Christmas flower arrangements, fresh cut flowers, mini dry flower bouquets and of course Christmas Wreaths.

And so we got to working. We made beautiful Christmas creations. We purchased wrapping, and little craft gift tags, we packaged it all together and we made magic. Christmas Magic. It was an amazing experience, being at the park every day where new people came along, the smile on everyone’s faces as they sipped hot mulled wine, their coffees and even soup (!), browsing casually at our flower creations. The park was a great success (we’re already thinking how we can make it better next year) and so was our Flower Market! The response from the people was amazing and we are immensely grateful for this opportunity.

And then, Valentine’s Day brought another opportunity which we honestly could not resist. Stay tuned for more posts to see gorgeous photos of pink and red romantic blooms, at an incredible location and read how we did.