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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus



Wedding planning is all about the logistics, from vendor referrals and contract negotiation to day-of execution. A wedding coordinator is as logistically focused as a wedding planner, but on a much shorter timeline, without any decision making power. 

All our services offer an advisory aspect, to guide you to make all the decisions necessary for your wedding; whatever your needs are, we are here to make your wedding dreams come true. From start to finish. 

Our team has over 10 years of experience offering full planning and coordination services, which can either be coordination of the whole wedding, or just managing the day of your wedding. 


A wedding designer’s role is very aesthetic. It is a lot more than flowers. An event stylist will focus on the design and consult on everything related to the look and feel of the wedding; from floor plans and lighting design to the flowers, furniture, linens, and all the little aesthetic details.

Ours is a team of visionaries, a team of creatives that sees beyond styles and trends. Our focus is to dig into the characters of our clients and create designs that reflect them. 

We conceptualize the whole event and can truly transform a space into the wedding of your dreams. Our aim is to create a holistic experience for you and your guests; one that engages all the sense. 


Floral design is the process of selecting the individual blooms and determining what style of centerpieces, and other flowers will be included in the event and how they will flow with the overall event design. And it involves bringing these ideas to life. 

There is so much more creativity to flower design than simply executing copies of beautiful arrangements. 

And something very important that must never be overlooked is that our team has the knowledge of floral characteristics and relevant experience to anticipate the needs of wedding flowers on the day of the wedding. 


Christenings are usually a baby’s first important event. And they can be so special for everyone involved. 

They are all about a theme; one concept and one idea to be carried throughout the entire event. Christening design is so much more than putting puzzle pieces together, it is conceptualizing and executing an entire event design, styled to perfection.

From the venue, to the rental equipment, to the styling, to the flower design and all the little details in between that really make a theme pop.


An event consultant plans and executes events to a high standard, coordinating the details and logistics to create a holistic event experience. 

Our team includes event managers and consultants which specialize in larger scale and public events such as sporting events, music events, conferences, corporate events, Christmas markets and so much more.

Our services include technical production, consulting, design and coordination for all types of events.


Interior stylists focus on styling a venue, interior or even just a table setup for a photoshoot. The concept is to create a design that celebrates its best features, textures and talking points.

A very important aspect is usually Art de la Table, which can be simply described as the art of setting up a table according to the rules of etiquette.

In addition to wedding planning and styling, our team is trained and experienced in interior design.