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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


The Founder

Planner & Event Designer

I am Antigoni, wife, mother, artist.
A wild spirit, explosive personality, excitable, and above all a control freak!
As a true lover of nature, you can always find me in forests, mountains, and at sea.
My team is everything to me! Individual, unique personalities. At times unconventional. Together we are a colourful palette of individuality. I’m a Designer! I love to design and create something new each time, something unexpected, unusual. Something that you have never seen before.
I’m a Stylist! I focus on every detail. Colour, light, texture, taste, the combined result. I always follow our five senses.
I’m a Planner! That means you and I will become one…! And I will love you throughout.”

The Team

Event Manager & Head Coordinator


“Hello! I am Andrea!
I am a practical mind, creative thinker and organisational freak.
I create structure and balance in my work but believe in going with the flow when it comes to my personal life.
Together we will ensure that no detail of your wedding will ever be left to chance!
I am a lover of nature, adventure and travel. I believe in second chances and don’t believe that anything can only happen ‘once in a lifetime’. “

Wedding Coordinator

Maria TofarouBW

“Hello! I am Maria!
I’m a wild personality, mother of two and serious people person!
I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved with a level head and positive attitude.
I allow my positive outlook on life to overflow into my work and I aim to be a ray of sunshine at every event.
It is my job to make sure your guests are where they need to be and having a great time at your wedding.”

Guest Services Coordinator


“Hello! I am Margarita!
I am an adventure lover and child at heart.
I believe in working hard to get where you want in life, and I’m certain of the rewards that will follow.
I am always pleasant and respectful of your guests. It is my job to ensure that they are well taken care of during your event.”