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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


“All our weddings are important to us, all our couples are special”.

Definitely a phrase everyone has heard before, so widely used and cliched, but let me explain more what I mean, and how this time its a little different.

Generally we separate the people in our lives as family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. And then there’s the professionals which ‘serve’ us, in a matter of speaking, the ones that provide a service. The local butcher, the one near your house. You visit his shop say, once a month – he’s your butcher. You’re in another area, and you’re on your way home, you heard this local butcher makes amazing burgers so you stop and pick up some up. He’s not your butcher, he’s a butcher. You’ve only been there once. You also only get married once. Difference is, if you don’t like his burgers you don’t buy them again, you can’t re-do your wedding because your wedding planner didn’t deliver.

We form bonds with people, right? Its usually a long process that takes time and effort from both sides to happen. Bonds rarely form instantaneously, unless its a magical connection over a shared experience. But when selecting a wedding professional there’s hardly enough time for this. The wedding planning process becomes that shared beautiful experience and ensures you have a ‘forever’ person in your life, but you can’t possibly know that at the start of the journey.

For a new bride looking at this vast supply of wedding professionals it is difficult to distinguish the people she will want in her wedding. We know this. And it is a big decision, its the people that will not only envision the same dream that she has; its also the people who will take it that one step further, to do the thing she can’t do on her own. Believe me, you do not want to spend such a special day surrounded by people who make you uncomfortable, or who did ‘just enough’ to give you what you asked for.

Circling back to that earlier cliched statement that all couples are special. We mean that every bond formed really is unlike any other. The wedding planning experience for a bride and groom, is always something new, unchartered territory. For us every wedding is a cycle. The process begins and ends the same way – the only thing that is ever different, is the in between. It is the moments we share with our couples; the emotions that range constantly and can escalate on a scale from 1 to 100 in a matter of seconds. Its a truly immersive experience, for everyone involved..

I’m not going to rave on about how special couples are to us and what it really means. The truth is we are wedding professionals. This is not a hobby, it is our chosen profession. We offer a service, based on our experience, our expertise, our training and our creative flare, the type you’re born with. Rest assured, we are passionate about what we do and we try our best to go above and beyond every single time. We won’t fight a couple’s battles for them, but we will always fight on their side.

That ‘special’ feeling we always refer to… You, the bride and groom, are the ones that have to feel it. When you select the professionals that will bring your wedding to life, you need to feel something. Like I said, bonding with someone takes time, but you need to feel like you’re making the right decision, a decision based on more than a gut feeling. Let’s call it an educated guess.

Focusing more on the ‘wedding planner’ aspect of it, a bride and groom need to trust that the person in front of them will be on their side no matter what. How do you do that? You use a little checklist, list all the things you want in a wedding planner and then throw it out. Honestly.

You went to them for a reason, because you’ve seen their work and you think they can make your wedding just as beautiful. Focus on how the wedding planner in front of you makes you feel. Do you feel like they’re going to do everything they promised? That they are being honest with you? Do they make you envision your wedding and want it even more? Are you getting excited about the prospect of making it all a reality? That’s your wedding planner.

We are not the butcher that you stopped at once, on your way home. We are a category of our own. What we sell, what we offer includes that bond. We offer to plan your wedding, we offer advise (sometimes unsolicited), we offer to open doors for you, to call your suppliers, to design your flowers and fold your napkins. We offer an entire experience and we offer a lifetime bond.

And that’s what makes a couple special, that they’ve seen what we can do and that they believe that we will do it for them too. For this, we are forever grateful. Because it is trust that first and foremost builds relationships. Trust and results, and we think our results (and amazing couples) truly speak on our behalf.