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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus



We want to sit down with you. Have a coffee, talk for hours, learn about you and your wedding ideas. Our offers are uniquely tailored to our clients and their needs. We want to get to know you so that we can better do our jobs. 

Unfortunately no, we cannot. We don’t offer packaged services. After a meeting we go back to the drawing board, we come up with ideas, problems, solutions and then we come back to you with our offer.

We estimate meetings to be somewhere between 1 and 1/5 hours. There is so much we want to tell you and there is so much for you to tell us. If we really hit it off, we may end up talking for hours. 

Most commonly when you schedule a meeting with us it will be with our founder Antigoni. She is the Event Planner and Designer of the company.
However, sometimes you may get a chance to meet other members of our team! We are all equally skilled, experienced and enthusiastic about our work! 

There’s only one thing we ask of you and that’s to give us all the information you already have. You don’t need to prepare anything, just be ready to share share share whatever you’ve done so far! We have a questionnaire which helps us better understand your needs – completing it before a meeting is super useful. 

Click Here to complete it!

Monday – Friday
09:00 – 13:00 and 16:30 -18:30

Our last meeting at the end of the day is at 17:30. We lock meetings for 1 hour, but we expect them to almost always run over, so please allow additional time (we always do). 

Yes, absolutely! We can schedule a call together on Zoom, Google Meets or even on WhatsApp. 

Please check in with us before scheduling a meeting if you want it online, we may also offer some additional slots on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 13:00-14:30 (always based on availability). 

While we are super sociable and love to chat, we want to ensure that the focus of our meeting is you and your wedding. You can bring someone with you of course, but we kindly ask that no more than 2-3 people attend a meeting.