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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


Halloween is traditionally a scary time, but we feel that maybe the last year or so has been scary enough for all of us. Weddings were back in full swing this season. As we near the end of it we wanted to spread good vibes and celebrate with a Halloween photo shoot with Marios from MinimArt Photography Studio.

So first we came up with a bright, ray-of-sunshine Inspiration Board (like we always do). Then we sourced some local pumpkins (the large ones) and some imported ones (the cute little ones).
We spent time to gorgeously spray painting them with bright and pastel colours. And then we messed them up a little with splashes of colour and gold details.

Last year we used Halloween as an excuse to reach out to our associates and send them little fun gifts to say ‘Hey! Its all going to be okay’. We did our own little Trick or Tree (yes, it was a plant in a carved out pumpkin), with a little poem.

This year we wanted to do something completely different. Something bright and fun! While traditionally we don’t celebrate Halloween in Cyprus, the truth is we always jump at any opportunity to do something creative! We wanted to spread good, positive vibes with bright colours and have fun with it all.

We just love love love taking on new unique and creative projects. It keeps us alive because in truth, we are a creative team and our best aspects are styling and design.

The Addams Family

This shoot features our very own Addams Family – they are quirky, they are crazy, they are loud, they are fun, they are creative and they are unique in their own way. They completely drive each other crazy but the love is real.

To top off our ‘Pastel Halloween’ photoshoot – we invited some parents to bring their kids to the park for a fun fun day of pumpkin painting! It was loud and it was messy. And we loved every second of it!

These photos will also be showcased on our Instagram – be sure to check it out!
And stay tuned to our Blog – we’re sure to keep posting great designs and ideas.