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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


This gorgeous couple, who’s wedding you are about to immersive yourself in was quite a special one. While we love all our couples equally, this is a wedding that was a little bit more important for us as this was one of our Covid-couples. 

Elina came to us after we did her sister’s wedding (along the way we’ve done all sorts of events for this beautiful family) and she had all these beautiful ideas for her special day.

But life had other plans unfortunately. Highly affected by the pandemic (yuck – don’t want to remember that), they had to postpone the wedding and when it finally came time to tie the knot, there were restrictions in place. A lot of pre-wedding tears were shed, but the emotional pictures you are about to see make it all worth while as it was an absolutely beautiful day. 

The Preparations

With traditional preparations becoming more and more popular in the recent years, they’ve basically become a staple in the Cypriot wedding day. Not all the couples decide to incorporate the these traditional aspects in their wedding, but let us tell you – when they do there are some seriously emotional photos and they are so worth it. 

A wedding day is all about the memories, and these snaps really capture the feelings of joy and love experienced by the couple and their families! 

The Meet up

We love these photos, capturing the moments before the couple meet each other. The groom kind of nervous, kind of excited – you know, when the seconds feel like minutes and the minutes feel like hours as he’s waiting for her. And the bride, always always fashionably late, looking like an absolute vision. 

The Ceremony

A beautiful, traditional wedding ceremony. The couple literally had smiles painted on their faces the entire time! Our flowers gorgeously abstract tied the whole scene together, don’t you think?

And of course, the couple’s exit from the church as finally (and officially) Mr. & Mrs. 

You can almost feel the energy of this bride and groom as they embark on their new journey together. After being quiet for the last 45 minutes, they just want to be loud and yell out to the universe ‘We did it’! 

The Decor

If we had to describe this wedding design in 5 words these would be: Simple, Elegant, Romantic, Bohemian, Fairy-like. 

The venue speaks for itself, its a rustic sort of estate perfectly situated within a forest of gorgeous greens. The mood itself is romantic and the cobbled stone floor is just perfect for a fairytale mood. Light, ambient fairylights, wooden elements and of course white tablecloths – for that traditional wedding/classy look and feel. The arrangements were bright, airy, abstract to bring out that fairy-like feeling. 

Our bride wanted pastel shades but she wanted a pop of colour in the design, and she got pinks and light blues, peach shades, lots of greenery and of course a touch of dry florals, for that added boho look. 

The Party

One has to admit, the flowers were beautiful and the overall design of the wedding simple and minimal. That’s what our couple wanted, they wanted a light and aesthetic feeling as you enter the venue, they wanted to be surrounded by a feeling of nature and of being at one with it. 

And then they wanted to party. Hard. 

We’re talking confetti poppers, magical fireworks, a never-ending cocktail bar, electrifying music and guests that wanted to party till the sun came up. This group knows how to party. DJ Marios Chrysanthou totally got the vibe with his music skills, the cocktail bar was on point, shots were going back and forth all through the night. 

This was definitely a party to remember. Although….We bet there’s a lot of guests that probably don’t remember the entire evening (!). 

All the photos featured here are from a wedding which was planned, coordinated and styled by us, Kanella Mavri Zachari Events and captured beautifully by Niki n Tasos. The wedding took place at Ktima Demetriou (Anglisides). The amazing party a courtesy of DJ Marios Chrysanthou and Barole Moving Bar