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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


Timeless Experience

A presence that is timeless and reliably calm can often be referred to as soulful. The word describes something of inherent beauty and serenity. We believe that slow, soulful designs are inspiring designs. They are a deep-breath kind of moment.

An event, any event, is all about the experience. And this experience should be a soulful one. One that is full f soul and one that speaks to the soul. A wedding design should touch on all your senses. It should make you feel things. 

Capturing The Essence

Wedding design for us is all about capturing the essence of our couples. When we embark on our journey with couples, one of our fundamental goals is to find out who they really are. Its super important for us to help us properly understand their needs, their tastes and their ideas for their wedding. 

Planning a wedding is not just executing a list of tasks, its not a check-list that we need to keep track of. Its a long and emotional process of discovery and creativity. Otherwise… every wedding would be the same. 

When we are fully allowed to be free with our process and are truly entrusted in planning and designing a wedding, we invest time and energy into discovering who our clients really are to bring out the right design, that suits their personalities.

Bohemian Elegance

Boho, or bohemian, and art are two words that go hand in hand! While these words may not describe our couple and their personalities, it was exactly what they had their hearts set on for their wedding day.

We used colourful rugs, wood elements, abstract arrangements, beautiful scenery and of course lots of pampas grass to capture the bohemian. We also added gold details and crystal glassware to portray their elegant side. 

The result? A picture-perfect and soulful boho wedding that screamed of elegance. And it couldn’t have been more perfect for this couple! 

Traditions And Soul Food

Even in 2023, there is a lot of tradition maintained in Cypriot weddings. What we mean is that in addition to the religious element of a ceremony the overall process truly bears the weight of tradition.

Many practices we still follow are the same or very similar to those followed by our grandparents and their grandparents. Like the traditional preparations for instance. 

We like to think it is because we want to carry a little bit of our heritage with us through the times, and what better way to do that than to partake in traditional ceremonies. We may not be fully religious in our day-to-day lives, we may not even live traditionally in any type of way. But when it comes to weddings traditions are like soul food. They are what was and what will be and this is beautiful and comforting in so many ways.

The Power of Lights

Lexeko Estate oozes romance. Its a marvelous estate with bridges, and lakes and gorgeous cobbled stones, converted stallions and panoramic view points, tall trees and fountains.

All of that combined with the magic of twinkling lights? The result speaks for itself. 

Any venue can be transformed with lighting, Whether it be fairy lights, hanging bistro lights, chandeliers, structures with boho lights, or a completely different design of uplighters and bouncing extravagant concert lighting. 

The power that lighting has on the wedding design is simply so magical and enormous.

A romantic setting with twinkling lights reminiscent of stars – actual soul food! Isn’t it beautiful how lights can magically transform a venue? And…. It’s practically a photo-op for all the guests!

Harmonious Contrast

 The word soulful speaks to not the objectivity of a beautiful design but rather the harmonious way in which it blends it it’s surroundings. Sometimes blending in perfectly is the best way to stand out. 

There are two ways to design a wedding in an established venue. The first is to use it in your design. What do we mean? Start with the venue as the base of the design and add all the other elements to bring out its beauty. The second way is to forget about the venue, completely contrast it with your design and transform it into your own romantic wonderland. 

Delicate, abstract, bohemian, elegant.

Some very different design ideas that when blended together well bring out a gorgeous result, a soulful one. In a wedding design, just like in any design, colours and textures are important. You combine and contrast until you have the perfect mix – one that just works. 

The centrepieces – a perfect combination of flowers and candles, different textures and shades of wood and glass elements. The wedding had timeless gold details, the strongest element was wood, to perfectly match the venue. Candles adorned the tables for an added romance. 

Symbolic Details

All the details are important when planning and designing a wedding. We’ve said that before, if you’re a bride and haven’t read our other blogs – you need to check this one out. Details, for us are what makes the design. It is our job to build the big picture, and break it down into little details. 

Sprigs of rosemary, fragrant and evergreen, are the perfect symbol of fidelity and remembrance. And they look super cute, right? Symbolic details are the perfect soulful touches to make your wedding more romantic, more aesthetic, more spiritual and more you.

The What?

In addition to the fantastic cocktail bar… This wedding had a band, and a singer, and a raised stage with speakers and microphones and musical instruments and stage lights. Could you tell by looking at all the other photos? 

Sometimes (more often than not) a wedding will have elements that don’t really work with each other. That’s okay – it is our job to make them work. 

The wedding was boho, it was elegant, it was classy, it was timeless, it was one hell of a beautifully intoxicated party with loud music and fireworks. 

All the photos featured here are from a wedding which was planned, coordinated and styled by us, Kanella Mavri Zachari Events and captured beautifully by Louis Gabriel Photography, at Lexeko Estate. 
Equipment and rentals provided by Food2Impress Catering. The stationery designed and printed by Amber n’ Dust and the cake a creation of Cake – Annie Ioannides. Fireworks were provided by Pyrgos Fireworks, the stage setup by S.Y. Stage and all the band related lighting and sound by NN Music Productions. Our wonderful DJ who accompanied the band perfectly, DJ Andreas Tasoulis, and of course the singer – Konstantinos Christoforou.