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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


Destination weddings are very common in Cyprus. The island boasts sun, sea, gorgeous beaches and at the same time it offers beautiful villages in the mountains, hidden away in evergreen forests.

This beautiful couple, Colette & Phanos, chose to have their wedding at Casale Panayiotis – an amazing traditional hotel and spa in the heart of Kalopanayiotis Village. They chose to merge two very different worlds in their wedding style, the traditional Cypriot side with symbolic olive branches, wood elements and clay pots and the fruity freshness of citrus and pastel florals.

How beautiful does this bride look on her wedding day?

One of the most notable things for a destination wedding is the fact that a lot of the guests (if not all) travel from abroad. It really says something about true friendship when your friends follow you across countries to have the wedding of your dreams. And while Cyprus may be an island worth visiting, its not really known everywhere you go.

Memories created with loved ones will live on forever

This beautiful wedding is definitely one to remember. The groom ever so happy, the bride an elegant vision. The day started with smiles and laughs all around. The couple got ready for the wedding day separately, each upholding their own traditions. The day was followed by fun and games and a traditional tea ceremony.

Wedding games in Kalopanayiotis Village and a traditional tea ceremony

The venue – the picturesque Casale Panayiotis, situated perfectly within the villages cobbled streets, overlooking the Marathasa Valley. The hotel is very unique in this way, as it offers a blank canvas for any designer to perfectly dress, but at the same time it offers unparalleled views which make it so beautiful with minimal effort.

The Wedding style was floral chic meets earthy traditional. Fresh florals, juicy citrus fruits, rich olive branches, wood elements and traditional clay pots.

And as the perfect end to a perfect night, the couple and guests enjoyed a fantastic dinner on the hotel grass area. The amazingly decorated venue was matched only by the beauty and happiness of this couple. They shared a romantic first dance and together they created their first memories as husband and wife. Onto the next chapter of their lives – we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Their first dance as husband and wife.