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Kanella Mavri Zachari Events Planning Cyprus


The latest endeavor of Kanella Mavri Zachari Events was Valentine’s Day. It was our first. We are not florists – we didn’t know if this would work. We are event designers, we know how to plan, design, and execute an event to perfection.

And we created a moving flower cart. We named it ‘The Flower Market’. It’s not an event, but its a beautiful concept to add that special something to any event.

It is a raw black skeleton of a cart. The concept is to be fully customisable. The front can be covered with a design of your choosing, the top can be decorated with greenery or florals and we can fill it up with all kinds of fabulous flowers.

Valentine’s Day was our second event, and let me tell you it was exciting!

It all begun with the most pink of inspirations. We scoured Instagram and Pinterest for days, looking to find the perfect blooms to make the most romantic bouquets ever. We dressed our cart in shades of pink, added an insane amount of balloons and off we were.

Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. While you can define the term, you really can’t define what each and every one of us finds romantic. It really is whatever makes us feel.

Not everyone is a big fan of Valentine’s Day, its often thought of as a very commercial day. And it’s true, it’s mostly spent shopping whilst under a lot of pressure and in a rush. So how can we romanticize Valentine’s Day? We add something absolutely beautiful and fun to it.

Flowers are romantic, undeniable. The way they represent nature itself and how it thrives against all odds, those mesmerising colours, the scents that wake up all sorts of emotions, the way the petals tell their own story with mathematical precision. Romance.

This year we decided that in addition to being a romantic colour, pink is punk and it was an absolutely beautiful mesh of contradictions (if we say so ourselves).

Our motto was ‘Flowers Make People Happy’ and they really truly do. And it showed, people loved our idea. They were drawn of course by this pink oasis in the middle of the mall. Husbands, boyfriends, wives, girlfriends all buying flowers for their significant others, or for a parent, a child, a friend. It really makes one think how easily you can brighten up someone’s day, with a little pink and a bunch of flowers.

Big thank you to the Nicosia Mall team, it was an incredible 4 day weekend. Stunning photos captured by HourglassCy.

If you haven’t seen our original post on our flower market, you kind of need to – It explains all about what The Flower Market is and how it came about (its a Christmas baby).

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